With increasing electricity bills adding to our ever-growing day-to-day expenses, will you and your family ever get ahead?

DLH Electrical is really excited to announce that we have partnered with Eco Power Savers to offer you the best quality solar products at the best possible price. You’ll not only be helping our environment which will ensure a better future for you and your family but you’ll be tackling your electricity bills head on, reducing quarterly bills and in some instances removing your bill altogether.

Want an easy solution to reduce your electricity cost? A grid connect system can reduce these cost and potentially enable you to sell electricity back to your provider.

More information on Grid Connect Systems

Stand-alone systems are the ideal option for households and businesses in remote locations where a connection to a power grid is not available.

More information on Stand Alone Power Systems

Governments across Australia offer a range of rebates and other assistance to help you to live greener. You may be eligible for a number of these.

More information on Solar Rebates